The Fast Track Indicators

The fast track provides you with 18 different kind of indicators. Some of them are track related, this mean that indicators will be only available if track recording is enabled and it will be updated depending on the track recording interval.

Menu -> Preferences -> Navigation Track -> Track Interval

The Fast Track indicators can be grouped in the following categories:

a) Speed Indicators

Speed: it is the SOG, Current Speed Over Ground in knots, provided by GPS.

Max Speed: Max speed (knots) during current track. It is not track dependent but it is reseted every time track is deleted.

Average Speed: Average Speed (knots) since track start point. Even points recorded when boat is stopped are recorded and counted for the average speed. Dependent of track.

VMG: Velocity Made Good (knots), actual speed of approximation to the current waypoint. So it is only available if a target waypoint is defined.

Average VMG: Average of Velocity Made Good. This indicator is shown in the leg comparison screen, to evaluate the overall performing of a Leg.

UpWind VMG: Velocity Made Good (knots) towards wind, in other words, the actual speed you gain up-wind.

Example: With a Speed of 6 kt, Course 45º and a wind direction of 90º, UpWind VMG  = 6 kt * COSINE(90º – 45º) = 4.2 kt


Effective Speed: Is the distance between starting track point and current track point divided by the track duration. Dependent of track.

ETA: Estimated Time to Arrive to waypoint = distance to waypoint divided by current speed.

b) Course Indicators

Course: is the COG (Course Over Ground), the GPS heading in degress.

Bearing: is the absolute bearing to current waypoint. Varies for 0º to 359º

Relative Bearing: it is the difference between Course and Bearing; varies between -180º and 180º

Deviance: it is the difference between Course and Reference Heading to waypoint ( see post Sailing to a waypoint).


c) Distance and Position (and others…)

Distance to arrive: Distance to Waypoint (in nautical miles or meter depending on preferences).

Effective Distance: Is the distance between starting track point and current track point. Dependent of track.

Latitude & Longitude: Current boat GPS Lat&Lon, there are three different types of representation depending on preferences (D,DDDDº, Dº M,MMMM’ or Dº MM’ SS”)

Total Distance: Total track distance. Dependent of track.

Track Duration: Total track distance. Dependent of track.

Enjoy your Sailing, Nautka Apps


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