The Fast Track Routes


Routes are pre-defined paths created from a group of waypoints, selected in the sequence you desire to navigate them.

Not to be confused with a Track which is like a breadcrumb trail, allowing you to see all the points where you have been navigating. In fact, while you sail a Route, you also generate a Track of your route navigation.

Route Creation 

So, in order to be able to create a route, you first need to create or import its waypoints.

This post explain in detail all the options to create a waypoint with the tool:

Once waypoints are created you need to specify the sequence you want to sail them, by Menu -> Routes -> Create/Edit Route



Importing Routes

Another way to create a route is to import it. The Fast Track can import routes in GPX format, were Route Waypoints are specified as <rtept>

Sailing a Route

Once you have loaded a route, you can start sailing it by Menu -> Route -> Start Route

Current route destination waypoint is selected automatically by the App. Starting by the first one, The Fast Track will change from waypoint n to the next one, waypoint n+1, when:

1. Boat is closest to the waypoint n than the minimum distance specified in Preferences -> Navigation Route

2. Boat distance to waypoint n+1 is less than the distance between waypoint n and waypoint n+1

3. Boat relative bearing to waypoint n+1 is less than 180º

You always can change current destination waypoint by selecting Menu -> Route -> Next Wpt / Previous Wpt

Current Waypoint’s name font is red


Racing Routes

You can define a race as a route. You don’t need to add the start line as waypoints routes, by default the app will start the route navigation once the race chronometer is finished, adding a route segment from the middle of the race start line to the first route waypoint.


Saving Route

You can save a route by Menu -> Route -> Save Route, this command will save the route in a GPX format.

If you only want to save the waypoints, then you need to execute Menu -> Admin Wpt -> Sace Waypoints

Route Statistics

Menu -> Route -> Statistics will provide you with information about:

– Route Length

– Number of waypoints

– Starting / Ending Waypoint


In next releases it will be included the possibility to invert the sense of the route.

Enjoy your Sailing, Nautka Apps