Open Sea Maps Offline Cartography

The easiest way to prepare OSM offline maps and make them available without internet connection is as follows:

1. Open the application before going into sea, while you have internet connection

2. Select Open Street Maps cartography (Menu -> Cartography)

3. Preview on the map the locations where you plan to sail, in different zoom levels

By this procedure, all the maps loaded for display, has been stored in the phone memory and will be retrieved in case there is no connection.

I hope this “mini” tutorial helps you.

Other Methods

There are much more complete methods when you want to download a lot of information, but many of them are not recommended even by Open Street Maps, such as the Mobile Atlas Creator application.

1.The official method would be through the download option on the OSM website

2. Convert the downloaded OSM files into “tiles”, with application like OsmAndMapCreator

Once converted into tiles, copy the tiles into the following mobile path:


Enjoy your Sailing, Nautka Apps