A Waypoint is a coordinate (latitude, longitude) identifying a point of interest as a buoy, a cap, a port or your final destination.

With The Fast Track you can define Waypoints in four different ways:

1. Projecting your current boat position to a certain distance and bearing

2. Selecting a point in the map view

3. Entering the waypoint coordinates. Select your preferred coordinates encoding in Preferences -> Navigation Preferences

4. Selecting your current position. This option is very useful to define the Start Line buoys, sailing close to them. Or as a MOB utility.



Once you have created a waypoint you can define it as you navigation destination or continue defining new waypoints.

You can save your waypoints through:

Menu -> Admin Wpt -> Save Wapoints

and retrieve them in future sesions with

Menu -> Admin Wpt -> Load Wapoints

Waypoints are stored in standard GPX format, so you can load waypoints defined with other mobile or PC tools as Oruxmaps, CompeGPS, Garmin BaseCamp, etc…

In the map screen, Waypoints are displayed as blue flags


You can “touch” a waypoint to view its coordinates and select one of the Waypoint actions:

1. Sail to it

2. Rename it

3. Delete it

4. Access the weather forecast for this waypoint


Enjoy your Sailing, Nautka Apps